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What could a little white lie hurt? Your character. So why do we lie sometimes anyway? Do we not care about our character? Sometimes lying is easier than telling the truth.

Do Not Be Afraid

God is for you, and he loves you with a love that is stronger than your fear.

Fourth Man

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are well known for trusting God to have their back, no matter how much King Nebuchadnezzar turned up the heat. What if we could do that today?

Ask and You Shall Receive

God wants to give us good gifts. But he also wants a relationship with us. That means he wants us to come to him and ask for what we want. By doing this, we find out what he wants, as well.


First off, God ABSOLUTELY WILL give you more than you can handle. That’s a common misquote of 1 Corinthians 10:13. But he will NOT give you temptation that is more than you can handle. He ALWAYS gives you a way out of it.


Who likes giving things up? You want to keep your things. Sacrifice is the opposite of that. Sound like fun? No. Really, it is just giving up something to get something better. Sounds nicer, but still kind of daunting.

We All Want Grace

Grace: being treated kindly in the face of your misdeeds. It feels great to receive, but it is hard to give. But don’t be too hard on yourself, even great prophets like Jonah have struggled with it..


If you are going to wrestle someone, you want to pick someone close to your own size, right? Then what’s all this about wrestling with God? That doesn’t sound very smart. Or safe, even.


Repentance is what we need to be saved from our own worldly ways and, ultimately, death.

Why Lie

Is honesty really the best policy? What about little white lies? Are they okay? In this lesson, we learn why it is so important to be truthful.

No Comparison

For middle schoolers, it may seem like an impossibly tall order to ask them to stop comparing themselves to others. They don’t live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of...their peers. Or so it seems. Everyone asks the question, “Am I good enough?” Good enough for what? Good enough to be worthy of love and admiration. The answer has to be: You have God’s love… What else do you need?

Jesus in the Boat

This lesson looks at Jesus calming the storm (found in Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41, and Luke 8:22-25). Jesus wakes up, calms the storm, and knocks his disciples’ lack of faith. When you go through storms in your own life, do you have Jesus in your boat? If so, have you asked him to calm the storm or are you afraid to wake him up?


Pride: a subtle, subversive, spiritually-deadly problem. And it’s not just for other people anymore... Ironically, the more sure you are that it is not something you need to worry about, the more likely you are to be suffering from it.